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Here you will find all important and useful information on CBD oil and other products made of the same active ingredient. We have been trying hard to answer all the frequently asked questions and collect them here.

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You will find answers to these questions here:

  • What is CBD?
  • Is using CBD safe?
  • Is it legal in my country?
  • Which product should I buy?
  • Does the CBD cure cancer and if so, how much should I take?
  • Do I need THC too?
  • How do I choose CBD?
  • What should you keep in mind when choosing a CBD product?
  • Which company is preparing the best cannabis oil?
  • Does it count how the oil was produced?
  • What do you have to keep in mind when thinking about where to take the CBD oil?
  • Will it cause me mood swings?
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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most prevalent chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. Unlike the more famous molecule, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is completely nonpsychoactive. Don’t expect to get “high” off of this organic chemical, however. CBD is all relaxation without intoxication.

While CBD still has an effect on your body, consuming CBD by itself isn’t going to send you on the cerebral adventure associated with THC. For decades, medical professionals and the general public overlooked CBD because psychoactive cannabis took center stage.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is typically extracted from the resin glands on cannabis (marijuana) buds and flowers. It can also be extracted from hemp, which is an industrial, fibrous form of cannabis that has small buds and a tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, concentration of 0.3% or less (THC is the chemical compound that’s responsible for making people high). It’s usually diluted with another type of oil, like MCT oil.

What is in CBD / hemp oil?

CBD, Chlorophyll, Alkanes, Nitrogenous Ingredients, Amino Acids, Sugars, Aldehydes, Alcohols, Ketones, Flavonoids, Glycosides, Vitamins and Pigments. Hemp has more than 400 types of molecules, and according to research there is a molecule group, the cannabinoids, which are responsible for most of the effects exerted. There are more than 120 cannabinoids including CBD, THC, CBG, CBC, and CBN. The most famous of these is THC, which has a psychotic effect and is responsible for the “high” feeling. However, Endoca products contain only high concentrations of CBD so nothing to worry about.

What is hemp oil and hemp seed oil?

Hemp oil is another name of the CBD oil, both of which represent the cannabis extract. However, it should be noted that there is a huge difference between hemp seed oil and hemp oil, unlike the beliefs. Hemp seed oil is purely made of hemp seed and is used in cooking, contains no CBD or other cabbabinoids.

Is CBD the same as THC?

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two most prominent cannabinoids found in Cannabis, the plant genus that includes both hemp and marijuana. While there are over 100 different cannabinoids so far identified in cannabis by scientists, CBD and THC are by far the most extensively studied and best understood.

One of the key differences between CBD and THC is whether the cannabinoid will cause a euphoric effect, or “high,” when consumed. THC does, and CBD does not have the “high” effect when consumed.

CBD and THC both interact with the body through the endocannabinoid system, a vital signaling system responsible for regulating a wide array of functions, some of which include:

  • Pain
  • Appetite
  • Mood
  • Memory
  • Immune response
  • Sleep
  • Cycles of cellular life and death

Is using CBD safe?

Its use is considered to be basically safe, but medical science is constantly researching to find out if there are side effects. This is why clinical trials are needed before being legalized as a drug worldwide. GW Pharmaceuticals released the intermediate results of its clinical trials, which showed that “CBD’s safety profile is particularly reassuring, with no serious side effects, and the overall frequency of side effects is very similar to placebo. The most common side effect (which occurred in patients at 5% or more) was diarrhea, nausea and headache. ” The scientific literature review by Bergamaschi (2011) published in Current Drug Safety has shown that CBD is not poisonous, does not affect physiological parameters (heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature), does not affect gastric and intestinal motility, and does not alter psychomotor or psychological functions. The daily dosage of CBD to 1,500 mg is believed to be well tolerated by humans.

Do Endoca products contain THC?

Very minimal, almost inexplicably low, so that all of our products are legal and EU-compliant.

Can I get high from CBD in hemp oil?

While we always say that the CBD is different for everyone, the answer is not, it does not trigger the “high” feeling. On the contrary, it helps you stay calm, have a clearer mind, and maintain an active lifestyle beside it.

Is Cannabis Oil legal in my country?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer; all this depends on where the person lives in the world and what CBD oil has been extracted from. Cannabis oil and other food preparations are classified as food preparations. Thus, there is no restriction on its production, sales and consumption in the US and in most states is also legal if it contains low / undetectable levels of THC.

Countries where CBD is legal

In the following countries, they consider products to be legitimate and should not worry if they import oil or other CBDs as long as the content of THC is negligible. Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Ireland, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Republic of South Africa, Sweden, , United States, Virgin Islands, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Wales.

IMPORTANT: Since laws are changing rapidly, the information in this article is not considered a legal advice. Always consult with the local government official, the police station, or the customs office for the latest information.

Which product should I buy?

Okay, so we’ve determined that if you buy CBD oil from industrial hemp, it is most likely to be legitimate. The next dilemma is what product to buy? The dizzying range of products includes tinctures, sprays, pastes, suppositories, chewing gums and balms, which are available from a growing range of companies.

Absorption and consumption

The first step is to decide which product is appropriate for your personal needs. Most people want to get value for their money, so it means buying a product that is fully absorbed. Absorption is often referred to as bioavailability. Bioavailability means the amount of drug available to the body for use. By definition, when a drug is administered intravenously (directly into the blood), the bioavailability is 100%. So, in deciding which product to buy, it’s important to get in the form of an entry that allows you to get more CBD into your bloodstream. There are 3 basic ways to choose when considering how to inject CBD: by mouth, by inhalation or rectally.

Oral use

Many people who try CBD for the first time do not find the taste particularly pleasant, so if it does not work for you to put oil or paste under your tongue, maybe try another input method. Intake of capsules or chewing gums works very well in some people. If you decide to try the flavored oil, make sure you have 100% natural flavor.

Inhalation or inhalation by evaporation

If you are taking CBD to treat anxiety or psychological disorders, you may want to try it in a volatile oil form. This is directly absorbed through the lungs after inhalation in the blood stream. Make sure you only buy high quality volatile oils, because some of the cheaper oils may contain propylene glycol, which can be dangerous to the lungs.

Injector / Vaginal Intake

One of the most effective injections is through the mucous membranes of the body. We recommend trying CBD cones. Your body is getting more CBD through your rectum and vagina mucous membranes.

Does the CBD cure cancer and if so, how much should I take?

The honest answer is that we do not know, and even if we knew, according to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations we should not say or suggest. It takes many years for medical examinations to take place, and even scientific research organizations have failed to fully detect all the mechanisms under which cannabinoids work. Therefore, it is too early to say firmly that CBD or other cannabinoids can cure cancer. DR ALLAN FRANKEL If you plan to use it for some serious illness, we strongly encourage you to seek help and advice from a trained specialist who can help you with a personalized dosing system where to start.


Do I need THC too?

Research has shown that in some states CBD and THC may work better than CBD itself. Rick Simpson, from “Run From the Cure” With his documentary for the first time bringing hemp to the media, he suggests a very high daily dose of THC oil – 1 g. Many anecdotal reports say its method works, however, others suggest that no such high dose is required to achieve the same effect. Dr Allan Frankel, one of the leading medical experts in the field of cannabis drug delivery, suggests 1: 1 THC: CBD for some cancers, but strongly disagree with Rick Simpson’s high-dose system. Studies say that THC is good for attenuating treatment after chemotherapy, as it stimulates appetite, reduces nausea and vomiting. If you live in a state or country where medical marijuana is permitted, you may legally purchase products containing THC. In most parts of the world, THC is illegal and therefore all Endoca products contain less than 0.02% THC. Some customers report that they are getting very good results thanks to our RAW CBD products that contain CBD and CBDa. One of the properties of CBDa is that it inhibits cell proliferation, i.e., prevents the spread of cells. It may also have anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial (slowing growth of bacteria) and anti-emetics (reducing vomiting and nausea).

CBDa’s chemical structure is also very similar to THC. If you think you need THC in your dosing regimen, you need to buy it yourself or move to a place where you can easily get it. Some people choose to grow them themselves, however, they must pay attention to the local laws of their country regarding cannabis cultivation.

What’s the difference between cannabis, marijuana and hemp?

Each is a cannabis plant, but the term hemp or industrial hemp is usually used for plants that contain very low concentrations of THC (more precisely below 0.2%). Marijuana is generally understood to include high THC plants. Our grandparents did not know anything about THC (and its psychoactive effects), so marijuana was grown in the garden. Only recently, they began to separate the plants according to the TCH content. When the cannabis plant is analyzed in smooth condition, there is 1-22% THC, but the products made up of it can have up to 98%.

How do I choose CBD?

If you are just starting out and want to try CBD and its effects first, it’s good to try a low-strength product. We suggest oil. This type of CBD can be applied under the tongue and can easily adjust the dose by increasing the number of drops.

If you are more experienced or have a more serious condition then we recommend the stronger CBD extract in paste form.

When buying it, there is a direct relationship between strength and price. To make a good decision, you need to look at how much the price of a mg CBD is. When you make the calculations, you will find that a higher CBD product actually comes out cheaper over the long run.

What should you keep in mind when choosing a product?

If this is the first time you try CBD, a lower-strength oil is a good choice.

Which product is best absorbed in your blood stream?
What type of input do you like?
For what reason do you use the product?
Some conditions may require higher strength products such as extracts or pastes.

Do not get the cheapest

Do not be trapped in choosing the cheapest – you have a good chance of coming from low-quality, non-organic industrial hemp, which contains insecticides and other pollutants. It is not worth risking your health with undersized CBD oil.

Online reviews

When you’re wondering if you can trust a CBD manufacturer, it’s best to have a quick to look online for the company name. Look at what others say about them on independent opinions, such as Trustpilot, and whether other reputable sites are related to them.

From the seed to the shelf

Make sure that 100% of the entire production process is supervised from the “seed to the shelf”. Many companies, CBD manufacturers and resellers are just links in the chain. They buy plants from another grower or wholesaler before they are manufactured or they take up their CBD oil from a larger company and then sell their own trademark. This creates a threat to you as a buyer, as the companies that sell the product can not handle the entire production process of their products.

Independent laboratory tests

Have the company’s laboratory analysis reports been published online? A good laboratory test should check pesticides and heavy metals, microorganisms, fungi, molds and other contaminants together with the percentage of CBD. Simple, transparent and honest. Does it count how it was produced? There are three basic ways to produce CBD. If you know how to make cannabis oil, you can get a good picture of the company and the people behind the product. If the company does not mention how to make their CBD, we suggest that you thoroughly consider whether you really want to risk your own or one that you love; just to save some money.

Supercritical CO2 extraction method

This method is the safest, but is also the most expensive way to extract CBD. The plant material is cooled under high pressure, using CO, and then extracting the oil through which very pure oil is produced which preserves all of its medicinal properties.

Ethanol and isopropyl alcohol

This withdrawal method is relatively cheap and easy, but it can destroy the plant wax. The vegetable material is dissolved in the solution for several minutes and then evaporates the ethanolate leaving high quality oil left behind. This process vaporizes the alcohol by using heat and there is a risk that the medicinal properties of the plant will be damaged if the process is not carefully monitored. If the cleaning is not performed successfully (professionally), residues of alcohol may remain in the final product. This is a common problem when purchasing a home made RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) oil.

Subtraction with oil

Some companies use industrial hemp seed oil or olive oil to produce CBD. Since the trichomes of the plant are soluble in fat or solvents, the use of natural plant oils is an effective method for recovering cannabinoid-rich resin. Plant oils are also used to dilute higher concentrate products, but in the absence of regulatory additions, manufacturers can print on a product line they just want. Buyers, beware!

Although it is a very healthy and easily digestible CBD-rich oil, the shelf-life is very short. Therefore, make sure you know the production time of the batch and keep it in a refrigerator.

What do you have to keep in mind when thinking about where to buy the CBD oil?

Is the company reputable?
Check the website, customer service helpline, and customer reviews.

Do they have a GMP certificate?
Does the company check the production process from “seed to shelf”?
Do they publish the results of laboratory analyzes?
Does the CBD pass through third-party lab tests?
What sort of extraction method was used ?

How much CBD should i take?

There are no beautiful, clear instructions that you get from an aspirin bottle side. Because its dosage is not an exact science. Each company produces CBD with different strengths and varieties, some with CBD: THC. The best way to evaluate the difference between two products is to measure how many mg (milligrams) of CBD you actually are.

The effects of cannabis oil may also be different per person, so there are no rigid rules for dosing, apart from taking it on empty stomach for maximum absorption. We always advise to slowly and gradually raise the dosage as soon as you know how your body responds. This dosage is called “Up Tritation,” which means gradually increasing the dose, monitoring its response and carefully monitoring any undesirable side effects.

You may have side effects if you feel too tired or too excited. CBD has a caffeine-like effect on adenosine receptors. Some have reported that too many CBDs make it difficult to sleep, especially when it is taken late in the evening. Your body will sound when it reaches the limit. At this point, take a few drops of the dose and see if things are changing. Then, either you can reduce or increase the dose until you find the right level. Using cannabis oil makes it easier to hit accurate dosage as the bottles are equipped with an easy-to-use pipette.

What do you have to keep in mind when thinking about how much CBD you are taking?

  • Begin at a low level and gradually increase your dosage.
  • Consider to start CBD oil drops as it will make it much easier to measure the dose.
  • Observe side effects such as feeling overcrowded or over-agitated.
  • If you experience any side effects, reduce the dose and see if anything changes.
  • Dosage with CBD is a personal experience, depends on whether you are listening to your body and finding a comfortable level.
  • Take the products with an empty stomach.

Will taking it cause me mood swings?

According to the general consensus from research and the scientific community, the CBD is not psychoactive and does not poise people. However, it is misleading, because when we look at the meaning of the word “psychoactive”, we find that there is anything that can change the activity of brain waves, comprehension, mood or consciousness. CBD has been shown to be effective in neurological disorders, depression, anxiety; in any case requiring psychoactivity or change in the brain in order to be effective.

Because it is said that the CBD is not psychoactive, it is necessary to distinguish it from THC, a cannabinoid that exasperates the mood. THC can also be very extensive in thinking or very retrograde, unpleasant, making paranoid. One of the main problems with THC’s medically high dose administration is that most people can not handle this type of side effect and after a while they need to build their tolerance. Studies show that the use of high-strength CBD products can provide a linkable, focused, and reassuring experience. It has been proven to reduce some undesirable side effects of THC, such as mucus, rest and tachycardia.

Pozitív lesz a drogtesztem marihuánára, ha kannabisz olajat fogyasztok?

Most of these tests search for THCs (delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol). However, these oils contain almost unnoticeable amounts of THC. However, if you eat foods that contain hemp (seeds, oils, etc.), it can result in a positive test. So, if you are expecting a drug test today, it’s a good idea to talk to someone who does the test.

Endoca – the liberation of the secrets of nature

We hope that you are now informed enough to decide which CBD product to take.  Cannabis oils and extracts from Endoca guarantee high quality, organic and GMP certified CBDs. The checkout process from the core to the shelf, coupled with third-party lab tests, means that you exactly get what’s on the label. There are no false claims, no impurities – only the best, cleanest cannabis oil. We are in favor of the fact that mankind can survive the poisoning of ourselves and the world around us. Your health and the environment are our primary priorities.

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