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CBD oil droplets (300mg, 1500mg)


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CBD oil droplets are an easy way to easily apply and consume CBD. The degree of absorption is much higher when hemp oil is used as a liquid. For this product, CBD is diluted in organic hemp seed oil that is rich in Omega 3 and 6. And, it also contains vitamin E.

1 bottle contains 10g of raw hemp oil with CBD. Every droplet in the 3% version contains 1mg CBD and in the 15% version 5mg CBD.

Keep out of strong sunlight, do not store in hot or humid environments, refrigerate after opening and shake it before consumption. Use frequently, three times a day, a few drops under the tongue and swallowed after 60 seconds. Do not use during pregnancy and breast feeding.

All CBD Oil Products:

  • organic
  • tested in the laboratory
  • vegan
  • the CBD quantity is guaranteed
  • contains no preservatives or colorants
  • Glutenfree

As far as the recommended quantity is concerned, it is worth knowing that it is different for each person. It is worth starting with a low amount (eg 2x 1-2 drops a day) and increasing your daily dose until the desired effect is reached. in case you feel that the amount is too much, you may want to use less from it until the optimal amount is found.