Through a unique withdrawal process, Endoca reproduces the natural, balanced phytochemical profile of the original dry cannabis substance. Endoca believes that the biochemical balance in herbs needs to be maintained, as this has proven to be effective in body healing and health promotion over the years.

To ensure the quality of our products, we test them for more than 300 insecticides, heavy metals and microtoxins. While using equipment that is not accessible to everyone, each product is certified by independent GMP certified laboratories that compare our results.

We do this because our ambition at Endoca is to lead the industrial hemp and cannabis industry to become a gold standard for hemp analysis and quality assurance to get more benefit from the medicinal properties of cannabis. We do this by knowing that when we raise the standard for quality, both present and future hemp and cannabis users will benefit from it.   You can buy from our available products in our webshop.

CBD oil drops

Simple and effective

CBD oil droplets are an easy way to apply and consume CBD. The degree of absorption is much higher when hemp oil is used as a liquid. For this product, CBD is diluted in organic hemp seed oil that is rich in Omega 3 and 6. More details and buying

Available in the following sizes:

  • 3% (300mg CBD)
  • 3% (300mg CBD+CBDa)
  • 15% (1500mg CBD)
  • 15% (1500mg CBD+CBDa)

CBD Pasta Concentrate

The CBD extract is a classic form of CBD consumption. The CBD extract, known for its great pasty texture, also has a unique flavor and contains a very high CBD concentrate plus other phytocannabinoids. More details and buying

Available in the following sizes:

  • 20% (2000mg CBD)
  • 20% (2000mg CBD+CBDa)
  • 30% (3000mg CBD+CBDa)

CBD Capsules

Best for precise dosing

Capsules are ideal for precise dosing of CBD. The vegan gel capsules are gluten-free and completely kosher. It is extremely easy to swallow them because of their smooth texture. They are also odorless and tasteless. More details and buying

Available in the following sizes:

  • 300mg CBD
  • 300mg CBD+CBDa
  • 1500mg CBD
  • 1500mg CBD+CBDa

CBD suppository

For those who suffer from nausea, vomiting or gastrointestinal disease, oral consumption may not be adequate. In this case, our CBD suppositories can be great application alternatives.  More details and buying

The best absorption rate

  • 10 suppositories, each containing 50m CBD

Ingredients: organic raw Cannabis Sativa extract, coconut oil.

Cannabis crystals

98% pure CBD (Cannabidiol), 0% THC. The purest Cannabidiol extract ever made. Supercritical CO2 was used for the extraction, solvent-free and laboratory tested.  More details and buying

Stir, evaporate or add to tincture.

The cleanest extract

  • 1 bottle: 500mg CBD

Ingredients: 98% pure CBD (Cannabidiol), 0% THC

CBD chewing-gum

Chewing gum increases the bioavailability of CBD.

Old traditional recipe. It is made with natural chicle chewing gum that comes from rainforests and no synthetic materials are used.  More details and buying


  • One box contains 10 chewing gums (150mg CBD)
  • 15mg CBD/gum

Ingredients: Chicle gum base, xylitol, CBD extract, peppermint, menthol, sunflower lecithin.

CBD lip Treatment

  • lip Treatment 20 mg CBD

It is made exclusively of organic and natural ingredients, including: Hemp oil, CBD oil, beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E, vanilla extract, limonene and honey. It can be used for lips and other skin areas. More details and buying

CBD Creams

  • CBD cream – 750 mg CBD
  • CBD lotion – 1500 mg CBD

Moisturizing, skin care lotion creams full of antioxidants and made of natural ingredients.  More details and buying

    • skin-friendly
    • Rich in antioxidants
    • It is also recommended for seborrheic skin diseases, dermatitis
  • It fills, rejuvenates, makes the skin healthier